SCH Adds Digital Mammography


Sparta Community Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of digital mammography to their list of radiology services. "We are very excited to move forward earlier than planned with the digital mammography equipment," said CEO Joann Emge. "The Foundation and Auxiliary will continue to seek contributions to support the purchase of the new equipment, but the opportunity to purchase early was of the upmost importance as we continue to educate our communities on early detection."

Sparta Community Hospital has continued to keep the last technology in standard mammography. In that process the images were recorded on film using an x-ray cassette. The film was then processed and viewed by our staff radiologist. The patient would receive same day results and the film was then stored in the facility's archives.

With digital mammography, the breast image is captured using a special electronic x-ray detector, which then converts the image into a digital picture for review on a computer monitor. It is then stored on a computer. Because it is stored in that manner, the magnification, orientation, brightness and contrast of the image may be altered after the exam is completed to assist the radiologist to more clearly see certain areas of concern. The patient will continue to receive same day results.

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