Kelly A. Wood, MD

“Hi! I’m Dr. Wood. Someone asked me why I decided to be a doctor. I started out as a ‘candy striper’ and my love for patient care has stayed with me ever since. In high school and then in college, I always wanted to serve the public as a doctor. I hope when you need a doctor you will come see me.” Dr. Kelly

Something About Dr. Wood:

Dr. Wood comes to Sparta Community Hospital and the Marissa Medical Clinic with a diverse medical background and a specified interest in Rural Medicine, Infectious disease, community and public health (in addition to her licensed physician certification in the State of Illinois, she  will also complete her requirements for a Master of Science in Public Health-MSPH).

Dr. Wood is an avid hunter; she enjoys reading and spending time with her family. “Her background, education and current experience in Belleville will serve her patients well in her Marissa practice”, stated Mrs. Emge announcing her appointment. Dr. Wood has worked in Belleville from 2009 until her current employment in Marissa (2013) and looks forward to establishing her own private practice and seeing patients and families in Marissa. Many of her Belleville patients will follow her to Marissa, which speaks well for the care they have received from her.

Dr. Wood received her undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 2001 and her graduate Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in 2006. She completed her Family Residency program at St. Louis University in 2009. Dr. Wood is fully licensed in the State of Illinois and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine.