9 a.m. – November 9, 2022


Alisha is out on maternity leave, if you need anything regarding Administration or credentialing, please reach out to Kelsey.  Anything HR related, should be directed to Jerrold.


Gross charges were on Tuesday, was  $321,000 which is roughly 4.7% above budget.

At Home Health

No report.

Business Office

On Tuesday, we processed 190 hospital claims and 164 clinic claims.  This puts out at 125.41% and 155.95% respectively for the month of November.

Call Center

On Tuesday, we answered 369 of 452 calls.  That is 82% of calls answered.

Cardiac Rehab

No report.


We have 55 charts on hold, and 92 incomplete.  On Tuesday, we processed 573, which is 24% above our daily average.

Customer Service

On Tuesday, we registered 190 patients.


No report.

Environmental Services

No report.

Health Information Management

We have 1 day of scanning on the shelf, and the running total of clinic charts complete is 85.3%.

Human Resources

Alisha is out on Maternity leave, please direct all questions to Jerrold.

Information Technology

No report.


On Tuesday, we were at 135% of budgeted revenue.

Maintenance/Materials Management

No report.


No report.



No report.


No report.


No report.


No report.

Quality Healthcare Clinics

Clinic Management

On Tuesday, we were at  61% of capacity, and our no show rate for Tuesday was 11.81%, putting our rate at 9.99% YTD.

Today, we are scheduled at 71% of capacity.

Thursday, we are scheduled at 59% of capacity.

Convenient Care

No report.

Coulterville Medical Clinic

Dr. James – 12

Tiffany Hostert – 13

Family Health Centre

Dr. Chung – 16

Dani Preuss – 10

Nurse Visits – 2

Marissa Medical Clinic

Dr. Wood – 16

Jordan Priebe – 11

North Campus Healthcare

No report.

Sparta Medical Office

Deanne Rieckenberg – 13

Steeleville Clinic

Dr. Hayden – 11

Nurse Visits – 1

Quality/Infection Control

No report.


On Tuesday, we 113% of budgeted revenue.

Rehabilitation/The Center

No report.


No report.

Social Services

No report.