9 a.m. –June 21, 2022


No report.


No report.

At Home Health

No report.

Business Office

Monday, we billed out 271 hospital claims and 265 clinic claims.  This puts the team at 87% and 117% respectively for the month of June.

Call Center

No report

Cardiac Rehab

No report.


We have 76 charts on hold currently on hold, and 147 charts incomplete.  On Monday, we processed 459– 1% below our above our daily average.

Customer Service

No report.


No report.

Environmental Services

Sybil will be out of the office Tuesday, June 21 – Tuesday, June 28.  Contact Dena or Dale if anything is needed in housekeeping.

Health Information Management

We currently have 1 day of scanning, and our running total of charts complete is 84.1%.

Human Resources

No report.

Information Technology

Travis is on vacation through Thursday, June 30.  If you need something please put a ticket in, or talk to Travis upon his return.


On Friday, we were at 118% of budgeted revenue.


No report.


No report

Materials Management

Sybil will be out of the office Tuesday, June 21 – Tuesday, June 28. Contact Dale for any needs.

Nursing – MedSurg

No report.

Nursing – Surgery

No report.

Nursing – ED

No report.


No report.

Quality Clinic Management

Total capacity for Monday was 76%, today we are scheduled at 80%, and tomorrow we’re scheduled at 75%.

No shows were 3.61% for Monday                            Goal was 9% for the month of June!

No shows 7.76%  for the month of June.

CPSI has made it possible for text reminders to include updates, provider’s name and location.  Clinic Mgmt is working to include this information as soon as possible.

Convenient Care

Monday we saw 36 sick patients and 9 occupational health visits.   Provider today is Destiny

Coulterville Medical Clinic

Dr. Beckmeyer – 30 (3 Medicare Well, 1 annual, 1 well child, 1 women’s wellness, 4 physicals)

Family Health Centre

No report

Marissa Medical Clinic

Dr. Wood – 9 (1 well child, 1 annual, 1 well woman), Jordan – 6 (1 annual)   Jordan – 8 (3 annuals, 1 Well child)

Dr. Hayden – 6  (1 procedure)

North Campus Healthcare

No report.

Sparta Medical Office

Deanne – 12  (1 annual, 5 well child, 1 ER follow-up)   Tyler – 8  (1 ER Follow-up)

Specialty Clinics

No report.

Steeleville Clinic

No report.

Quality/Infection Control/Social Services

We have 8 days without a reported patient complaint.  Down to 1 PI form!



Rehabilitation/The Center

No report.


No report.