9 a.m. – July 12, 2022


No report.


We were $59,ooo under budget for Monday, which is 2%.

At Home Health

No report.

Business Office

Monday, we billed out 320 hospital claims and 90 clinic claims, which is 98% and 157%, respectively, for the month of July.

Call Center

750 calls were received yesterday and 508 of those calls were answered, which is 68% of calls were answered.

Cardiac Rehab

No report.


We have 39 charts on hold and 141 charts incomplete.  Monday, we processed 600 charts, which is 30% above our daily average.

Customer Service

162 registrations 96% accu rate 100% success team notification


Monday we served 92     95% on temps

Environmental Services

No report

Health Information Management

We currently have 2 days of clinic scanning and our running total of charts complete is 84.6%.

Human Resources

Jerrold is out of the office and will return on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

Information Technology

No report


Monday we had 117%


As a reminder, the asphalt replacement for the upper lot behind the hospital is scheduled for Today and Wednesday of this week.

DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE HOSPITAL.  THAT AREA IS FOR PATIENTS ONLY.  You must park in the 3 lower lots.  Please note the patient parking areas there also


Carol will be drawing for the Wellness Challenge today!  Watch your emails!

Materials Management

No report.



There are 7 patients on Med/Surg today (3 IP, 2 OBS, 2 SWB, 2 injection infusions).


Today we have 7 surgeries, 5 pre-ops and 3 injection infusions


Monday the ED saw 20 patients (1 OBS admission, 1 transfer, 1 IP, and none left without being seen).


No report.

Quality Healthcare Clinics

Clinic Management

Peter will be out of the office and will return on Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

Total capacity for Monday was 87%, today we are scheduled at 84% of capacity, and Wednesday we are scheduled at 74% of capacity.

There were 15 no-shows Monday, which was 8.29% for that day and 8.92% for the month of July.

Convenient Care

Monday we saw 37 patients with 10 ocupational health visits.

Providers today are Vickie and Jen Watson.

Coulterville Medical Clinic

No report

Family Health Centre

No report

Marissa Medical Clinic

Dr. Wood is off today.

Jordan Priebe has 6 scheduled patients today.  (1 Medicare well visit, 2 well child).

Tyler Tanzyus has 4 patients scheduled today.  (3 hospital follow-ups, 1 school physical)

Dr. Hayden has 4 patients scheduled today. (1 new patient).

North Campus Healthcare

No report.

Sparta Medical Office

Deanne has 15 patients scheduled.  (1 annual well visit, 4 well child).

Specialty Clinics

No report.

Steeleville Clinic

Dr. Preuss has 17 patients scheduled today.  (4 annual well visits, 1 new patient, 1 Medicare well visit).

Karen has 15 patients scheduled today.  (1 Medicare well visit, 2 annual well visits, 3 well child visits)

Quality/Infection Control

We have been 7 days without a reported patient complaint.  0 PI forms!


No report

Rehabilitation/The Center

No report


No report.

Social Services

No report.