9 a.m. – September 6, 2022


No report.


No report.

At Home Health

No report.

Business Office

On Friday, we billed out 270 hospital claims and 834 claims, which is 102% and 173%, respectively, for the month of August.

Call Center

No report.

Cardiac Rehab

No report.


We currently have 53 on hold and 82 incomplete.  On Friday, we processed 319% which is 31% below our daily average.

Customer Service

On Sunday, we had 50 registrations with 88% accuracy rate.  100%  on care team notifications.


No report.

Environmental Services

Sybil will be out today.

Health Information Management

We have 2 days of scanning on the shelf, and the running total of clinic charts complete is 85.1%.

Human Resources

No report.

Information Technology

No report.


On Friday, we were at 96% of budgeted revenue.


No report.


No report.

Materials Management

No report.



No report.


No report.


No report.


No report.

Quality Healthcare Clinics

Clinic Management

Friday, we were at 73% of capacity, with 8 no-shows.

Today, we are scheduled at 107%

Tomorrow, we are scheduled at 88%

Convenient Care

23 sick (21 in and out in under 60 minutes). Jen and Vicki are the providers.

Coulterville Medical Clinic

Dr. Beckemeyer – 30 (2 well child, 1 procedure, 3 annuals, 4 new patients)

Family Health Centre

Dr. Chung – 16 (1 hospital f/u, 1 Medicare well)

Jen Watson – 13 (3 wellness, 2 new patient, 2 well child)

Dr. Eppstein – 17 ( 7 well child, 2 new patients)

Marissa Medical Clinic

Jordan Priebe – 8 (1 new patient, 1 annual, 1 ED f/u)

Dr. Hayden – 11 (1 new patient consult)

Dr. Wood – 11 (1 ED f/u, 1 Hospital f/u, 2 Medicare well, 1 annual well woman)

North Campus Healthcare

No report.

Sparta Medical Office

No providers in today.

Steeleville Clinic

Karen Chamness – 20 (2 well child, 3 annuals, 1 new patient)

Quality/Infection Control

It has been 6 days without a patient concern.  There are 3 PI tracking forms out.


No report.

Rehabilitation/The Center

On Friday, we were at 113% of budgeted revenue.


No report.

Social Services

No report.