9 a.m. – September 8, 2022


No report.


No report.

At Home Health

No report.

Business Office

On Wed, we billed out 428 hospital claims and 406 claims, which is 110% and 141.54%, respectively, for the month of August.

Call Center

Debbie will be doing all pre-certs in Dee’s absence.

Cardiac Rehab

No report.


No report.

Customer Service

On ,  Wed. we had 161 registrations with 93% accuracy rate.  100%  on care team notifications.

Debbie will be doing all pre-certs in Dee’s absence.


No report.

Environmental Services

No repor.

Health Information Management

We have 3 days of scanning on the shelf, and the running total of clinic charts complete is 85.2%.

Human Resources

No report.

Information Technology

No report.


On Wed., we were at 111% of budgeted revenue.


No report.


The Health & Wellness Foundation is scheduled to meet on Monday, October 28 at Broadway Plaza.  Moving forward out of Covid!

The Auxiliary is scheduled to hold their orientation and brunch on Thursday, September 22 at Broadway Plaza.  Moving forward out of Covid!

Healthy Holiday Hustle is being promoted at this time.  Registrations are available on the website.  If any one would like to vounteer to help with the Hustle, especially the night of the event, please contact Jennifer, barbour.jennifer@spartahospital.com or me, mulhollandc@spartahospital.com.  We appreciate your support in this annual event to support the Shop with a Cop program. Thank you!

Materials Management.

No report.



No report.


No report.


No report.


No report.

Quality Healthcare Clinics

Clinic Management

No Report

Convenient Care

Yesterday 27 sick ( in and out in under 60 minutes). Destiny and Vicki were the providers.

Destiny & Dr. Beckemeyer are the providers today.

Coulterville Medical Clinic

Dr. James – 17   Tiffany – 15   (4 annual, 4 well child, 2 Medicare well, 1 new patient, 1 procedure)

Family Health Centre

Dr. Eppstein – 15 (8 well child)

Danielle Preuss – 17 (2 well child, 1 Medicare well,1 new patient)

Jen Watson –   (1 Medicare well, 1 new patient)

Marissa Medical Clinic

Jordan Priebe – 12 (1 new patient, 1 annual, 1 wchild 1 work physical

North Campus Healthcare

Today- Dr. Beckemeyer – 18  (15 new patients)

Sparta Medical Office

Dr. Salarda – 16 (3 new patient, 2 Medicare well, 1 well child, 1 annual)

Nickie Murphy – 11 (1 new patient, 1 annual, 1 well child, 1 ER follow up)

Steeleville Clinic

Dr.  Preuss – 14 (1 new patient, 1 annual, 1 history & physical)

Karen Chamness – 12 ( 2 Medicare well, 1 women’s well, 2 nurse visits, 1 new patient, 1 history & physical)

Quality/Infection Control

No report


No report.

Rehabilitation/The Center

No report


No report.

Social Services

No report.