9 a.m. – September 29, 2022


Joann will be out starting Friday, 9/23 through the end of next week.  She will return on Monday, 10/3.


On Wednesday, we were $65,000 under budgeted revenue –21%.

At Home Health

No report.

Business Office

On Wednesday, we billed out 88 hospital claims and 311 clinic claims, which is 92.91% and 119.61%, respectively, for the month of September.

Call Center

No report.

Cardiac Rehab

No report.


We currently have 55 charts on hold, 102 incomplete.  On Tuesday, we processed 536 charts which is 16% above our daily average.

Customer Service

No report.


On Wednesday, we fed 121 individuals.  We were 98% on temperatures.

Environmental Services

No report.

Health Information Management

We have 2 days of scanning on the shelf, and the running total of clinic charts complete is 85.3%.

Human Resources

No report.

Information Technology

No report.


On Wednesday, we were 119% of budgeted revenue.


The clinic roof project on campus will take place beginning Tuesday, October 4, and should wrap-up Tuesday, October 12.  During this time frame, there will be changes to accommodate patients of the clinics.  On the ‘clinic’ lot, the only spots open for employees will be the line directly on Burns Avenue.  Employees should then utilize the spots BEHIND the clinics, and the lot BEHIND the shed.  Employees should only be utilizing parking on the east side of the hospital after those slots are filled. Employees should NEVER be parking in spots along Broadway, or up against hospital.


No report.

Materials Management

No report.



No report.


No report.


No report.


No report.

Quality Healthcare Clinics

Clinic Management

On Wednesday, the clinics saw 77% of capacity, and on our no show rate was 5% (10.46% YTD)

Today, we are scheduled for 75% of capacity.

Friday, we are scheduled for 68% of capacity.

Convenient Care

On Wednesday, Destiny & Vicki saw 23 patients (all under 60 minutes)

Destiny & Jen are the providers today.

Dr. Beckemeyer – 18 ( 2 well child, 1 annual, 2 Medicare well 9, new )

Coulterville Medical Clinic

Dr. James – 15, Tiffany Hostert 10 (am only) – (4 new, 1 Medicare well, 1 well woman)

Family Health Centre

Dr. Eppstein – 17, Dani Preuss – 13, Jen Watson – 14 (7 well child, 2 annual, 1 Medicare well)

Marissa Medical Clinic

Dr. Wood – 13 (3 Medicare well, 1 new patient, 3 annual, 3 well woman)

Jordan Priebe – 11 ( 2 annual, 1 new patient, 1 well child, 2 ED f/u)

North Campus Healthcare

Dr. Hayden – 18 (3 new patients)

Sparta Medical Office

Dr. Salarda – 4 (2 new, 1 well child)

Tyler Tanzyus – 5 (1 Medicare well, 1 annual, 1 new)

Nickie Murphy – 15

Steeleville Clinic

Karen Chamness – 8 (1 well woman, 1 annual, 3 nurse)

Dr. Preuss – 15 (1 Medicare well)

Quality/Infection Control

It has been 3 days without a patient concert, and we’re down to 6 PI tracking forms out.


On Wednesday, we were 112% of budgeted revenue

Rehabilitation/The Center

No report.


No report.

Social Services

No report.