Eating Well For Healthy Bones.

Join Sparta Community Hospital’s Registered Dietician, Courtney Johnson, MS, RD, LDN, on this informative free program on eating well for healthy bones on Thursday, June 23, 6pm, Auxiliary Room A, Broadway Plaza, Sparta

Courtney will share with you all of the vitamins and minerals recommended to support bone health, and the foods in which you can find them.  While bone disease normally affects older adults, it doesn’t mean we have to wait for a diagnosis to treat them.  Bone density can start decreasing at the age of 30!

“I am so excited to provide nutrition care to those in my rural community.”  States Courtney.  “I love helping people promote a balanced lifestyle and creating a positive relationship with food!”

Space is limited, so please contact Jennifer Barbour at 618-443-1467 by noon on Tuesday, June 21.

Courtney recently received the Quality Spotlight Award at Sparta Community Hospital for her work with the Medical Weight Management Clinic patients.

Through nutrition education, the goal is for 65% of patients to lose two pounds or more a month. Courtney’s patients have met this goal for three consecutive months.  This is important because weight loss is likely to produce health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar, and increase overall quality of life.