Sparta Community Hospital has recently restructured their nursing management by combining the positions of Management for the Medical/Surgical Department and Surgical Services.  Leslie Ferrari, RN, has been awarded that position.  Rhonda Peck, RN, will remain in the department as the OR Supervisor, but she will be shifting away from her role as OR manager. She will now be involved in more of the patient care aspect & will be able to increase her role as RN first assistant to the surgeons. Rhonda has done a wonderful job and has been dedicated and loyal to this organization for over 25 years. We all will look forward to her continued role in our surgery department.

Leslie has been with Sparta Community Hospital for 18 years.  She began her nursing career on Med/Surg as an LPN in a CNA role for her first few weeks.  Soon her dream opening came up in the OB Department.  While working in the OB department, she floated from Med/Surg to the ER when the department was closed.  At that time, she went to nursing school and received her RN license.  Unfortunately, OB Closed after being in the department for 6 1/2 years.  Leslie then took on a position working night shift on the Med/Surg floor.  After 4 years in that position, Rhonda Peck RN, OR Nurse Manager approached her about coming to the OR.  Leslie says she took the leap and has been in the surgery department for 7 1/2 years.

Congratulations Leslie!