Pictured, Lt-RT; 1st Row Leta Asher & Deanne Rieckenberg, APRN; 2ND Row; Morgan Hull, Megan Cross & Kaitlyn Lopez; 3rd Row Tasha Fitch & Chelsea Rheinecker; 4th Row Traci Witthoft, Cindy Haddick & Nichole McGuire

Leta Asher, MA, was honored with a celebration on her retirement of 18 years of service to Sparta Community Hospital’s Quality Healthcare Clinics on Wednesday, July 28 at Sparta Medical Office.  The staff enjoyed a luncheon and Leta was presented with a plaque and gift card for her years of service.

Leta started at Sparta Medical Office and worked there for 8 years with Dr Salarda.  She then was transferred to Bradbury Clinic to work with the surgeons for several years.  She served with Clinic Management for a short while, then in October of 2012 she returned to SMO to work with Deanne Rieckenberg, APRN & Nickie Murphy, APRN.

Leta’s plans for retirement are to relax, babysit her granddaughters, enjoy yard work, crafts, camping and boating with hopes to travel more when her husband retires.