Meredith Klausing, Pharmacist, was awarded Sparta Community Hospital’s Extra Mile Award for the First Quarter of FY22.

Klausing was nominated by Joann Emge, CEO, and Lori Clinton, Chief Nurse Executive for going above and beyond what is expected; excellent job performance; adherence to the Standards of Behavior; promoting a pleasant work environment; longevity and performance; innovation during the quarter for which the award is to be given; and outstanding service and respect for Sparta Community Hospital.

“Meredith is one of those people everyone wants on their team.  She’s passionate, she’s organized, and she does what’s best for the patient every time.  She has demonstrated this time and time again.” states Emge.  “This past year, her dedication has really shined through in response to COVID-19.”

“As COVID-19 vaccines became available, Meredith spent numerous hours researching and staying up to date on the available vaccines, side effects, emergency use authorizations, policies, SIREN notices, IDPH guidance, CDC guidance and so much more!” continues Emge.  “Additionally, she spearheaded vaccine distribution to our employees and community.”

“Meredith has also been an invaluable resource in our efforts to treat COVID-19 positive patients.” adds Clinton.  “Just as with the vaccines, Meredith has stayed on top of all the literature and research regarding antibody and monoclonal treatments for patients.  She has worked to develop policies and procedures for administering treatments and continues to work closely with medical staff to administer.  Meredith is in constant contact with state resources to obtain the drugs as well.”

“Most recently, Meredith has assisted Human Resources in deciphering and interpreting federal and state mandates regarding vaccination.” states Emge.  “She then assisted in developing policies for Sparta Community Hospital that keep us in compliance with the mandates, including the recent mandates added in December.”

“Meredith has gone out of her way to help educate the staff and community about COVID-19, and the tools available to help fight from being critically ill.” states Clinton.   “She has done all of this on top of her regular pharmacy tasks and duties.”

The Extra Mile Award at Sparta Community Hospital is part of the recognition program initiated by the hospital’s Workplace of Choice Team.