Pictured, lt-rt; Jacob Verschueren, Steeleville High School; Rhonda Peck, RN; Evelyn Navarro, Sparta High School, and Taylor Williams, Steeleville High School.

Sparta Community Hospital’s October Explorers program was Surgical Services.  Rhonda Peck, RN, Surgical Services Director, gave a tour of the allowed areas of the surgical department.  The students were able to experience hands on techniques of surgical equipment used in different scopes, such as colonoscopies, and laparoscopic procedures.  They also practiced on equipment used to close/staple surgical sites, many different kinds of laparoscopic tools used during procedures, and equipment used in joint replacement.

Rhonda had full surgical gowns, caps, hair nets, shields and shoe covers to let the students experience what surgical nurses, doctors and technicians must wear every day while in the department.  She also informed them of the many careers offered in the surgical services field.