WINS – July 28, 2022

Travis Boyd wants to thank his staff for all of their hard work this past week.  The IT team has been moving around 45-50 servers, which is a huge undertaking, and have had no complaints.  All went well.  Tonights outage from 2am-5am should only effect the production system cart in Coding and the Badge Print System.

Dee Eggemeyer wants to thank her staff for stepping up in the Call Center and helping out while experiencing some issues.  All with no complaints and smiles on their faces.

Sybil Ebers wishes Dena Fortner for 30 years of service yesterday.  A celebration will be held in Housekeeping today at noon!  If you see Dena please wish her a happy anniversary!

Nicole at Convenient Care wishes to thank Larry Bernardoni for his help yesterday with 2 physicals when they were very busy.

Debbie Lewis congratulates Sharon Conway from The Center on the birth of her new grandbaby!  She also wants to thank Julie Presswood for covering at The Center while Sharon was out and Lisa Bartley who jumped right in to Julie’s position at ER registration.