WINS – August 25, 2022

Thank you to Courtney, Lori and Mel for pull extra weight this week while Nori and Dena are out. If you see them, please tell them thank you!- Sybil Ebers

Shout Out to Ashley Tubbs.  Anytime a patient comes with a Medicaid plan that has changed, Ashley works very hard to get authorization for that patient.  Great job to the clinic staff for asking for those cards EVERY TIME, and flagging any changes. – Peter Hertzing

Thank you to Pete for coming to our staff meeting and for being supportive and giving ideas for improvement.  Also thank you to Joann for coming in and talk to staff. – Dee Eggemeyer

Thank you to Kim Roseberry for covering for a sick employee at Convenient Care. – Tori Hern

Dr. Hayden is nearing his first year at SCH.  I want to thank him for his commitment to expanding podiatry access to each of our clinics.  He is on the road quite a bit, and for that we thank him! – Peter Hertzing

We, at SVC, are really appreciative of Dani Scott being able to pick-up Fridays in our clinic.  The patients are really liking her and she’s doing great! – Nicole Liefer

Shout out to Dr. Marshall in the ED and Tina Jones in the specialty clinic!  I was speaking to an upset patient, who made a point to share how wonderful, and empathetic Dr. Marshall nd Tina have been. “They deserve kudos.” – Jo Coke