WINS – September 27, 2022

Thank you to Tori Hern and her team.  I gave them a project on calling Dr. Barclay’s patients.  It was a three page list.  The project was taken on and completed with zero problems! – Angel Snover

I just gave my staff a project, and they said ‘yeah, let’s get it done!’ and they had it completed in about a hour! – Tori Hern

Kim and Kerrie helped with a DOT patient that came in over the weekend.  The patient had some conflicted information in the chart that needed sorted out before we could sign off on the physical.  Thank you, girls! – Tori Hern

Yesterday, we got a call from Michelle Wittenborn, who was questioning if the patient should have.  She immediately got a nurse, and Vicki overheard what was going on the patient and they got him sent to the ED.  Good catch, Michelle! – Tori Hern

Thank you to everyone who helped me fill in for Sara yesterday. I appreciate all of the help in getting the job done. – Dave Wente

Shout-Out to Susan Brown for stepping up to be the new surgery supervisor! – Leslie Ferrari