WINS – September 30, 2022

Shout-Out to Kayla Owens at SMO for taking care of me this week.  I was not feeling well at all, and Kayla brought the paperwork tome and sat with me to help me get it completed.  I didn’t have to stand at the window. This showed me what caring and compassionate staff we have here at SCH. – Dee Eggemeyer

We had a hot water heater break in the ceiling at NCH yesterday.  This caused a waterpipe to bust, further resulting in a legit flood at Convenient Care.  The staff did an outstanding job of jumping in and doing what needed to be done.  Furniture, filing cabinets, refrigerator, printer, EVERYTHING was moved quickly out of the water.  The city was out quickly to shut off water to the building, and we were able to continue to get patients seen.  In addition to the entire clinic team, thank you to Nick, Frank, Dave, John, Travis, Lily, and Sybil! – Peter Hertzing, Tori Hern, Nicole Harvey

Customer Service had a 98% accuracy rate yesterday, and we’ll be celebrating Customer Service next week 🙂 – Debbie Lewis