Paula Cunningham, RN, ED Nurse Manager and John Vandover, MD, ED Director

Sparta Community Hospital is pleased to announce its recent re-designation as a STROKE READY HOSPITAL by the Illinois Department of Public Health. This designation, by the Emergency Medical Services, makes it possible for a potential stroke patient’s treatment to be initiated within a very short time frame, which is crucial.   Sparta Community Hospital has long presented some of the fasted Emergency Department response times, and it is once again recognized as “Emergent Stroke Ready”.  They are prepared to evaluate and treat specific stroke patients in a timely manner, and if necessary, transfer them to a larger facility, resulting in optimizing treatment and saving more lives.

“Saving someone’s life during a stroke is about FAST action.  With the educated knowledge, equipment and services offered at our facility, we have proudly earned this designation from the IDPH.  Joann Emge, CEO said.  Being an Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital ensures our communities that Sparta Community Hospital is not only capable, but also always prepared for a stroke situation.  We want our rural communities to know that if their loved ones are experiencing a stroke emergency, we are ready to give them the exceptional care necessary.”

“As an emergent stroke ready center, Sparta Community Hospital’s Emergency Department is prepared to care for patients suffering from strokes. States John Vandover, MD, SCH Emergency Department Director.  We work together with Emergency Medical Services to get these patients the best care.  It is important for our public to know how to spot a stroke, to act FAST & call 911: Face (drooping).  Arm (weakness).  Speech (difficulty).  Time to call 911.”

Having the Emergent Stroke Ready designation, especially in our rural area, spotlights Sparta Community Hospital as a center of excellence in the treatment of stroke patients according to the guidelines set forth by the American Heart/Stroke Association and Brain Attack Coalition.