The Health Information Department is being honored this week in celebration of National Health Information Professionals Week.

Health information represents many things to different people, but it means something to everyone.  Your health information is YOUR story.  It is sensitive, nuanced, and complex.  Above all, health information is human information.

Health information professionals see the person connected to the data, and work tirelessly to ensure their information stays human, because when information stays human, it stays relevant.  This perspective is critical to the success of all modern health organizations.

HIP Week 2022 is the perfect time to acknowledge individuals or teams who have responded with grace and achieved triumphs amidst the tumultuous changes and unprecedented challenges facing health information professionals during the pandemic.

At Sparta Community Hospital we are very proud of our Health Information Department and are very thankful that they are a part of our SCH family!

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Jamie Chappell, Susan Gutjahr, Becca Jaimet, Julie Wooley, Amber Ward, Brandy Miller,   Nola Stear, and Dawn Duquette