Tori Hern, Convenient Care Supervisor, was awarded Sparta Community Hospital’s Extra Mile Award for the 3rd Quarter of FY22.

Tori was nominated by Nicole Harvey, Clerical Assistant, for going above and beyond what is expected; excellent job performance; adherence to the Standards of Behavior; promoting a pleasant work environment; longevity and performance; innovation during the quarter for which the award is to be given; and outstanding service and respect for Sparta Community Hospital.

“Tori is very deserving of this award.  She always goes above and beyond for patients and staff.  No matter what is going on, she always makes time to talk with patients and employees.  She absolutely puts everyone first, especially patients.  If there is ever a position that needs covering, she will work it so there is no shortage for that shift.  I 100% couldn’t write a better nomination for someone who deserves it so much.  Aside from the immaculate care she shows to her patients, she makes her employees feel heard, comfortable, and understood.  She is a genuine, kind, true heart that is meant to work in healthcare.  “

The Extra Mile Award at Sparta Community Hospital is part of the recognition program initiated by the hospital’s Workplace of Choice Team.