November 3, 2021 @ 5:30 pm
Broadway Plaza
Broadway Plaza
Aux. Room A, Sparta
Jennifer Barbour
ABC's Of Medicare & Medicare Advantage @ Broadway Plaza


Sparta Community Hospital is hosting an informational meeting on the ABC’s of Medicare presented by Keith Leitzen of Managed Care Partners, Inc., on Wednesday, November 3rd. Two separate sessions will be offered, 1pm and 5:30pm, Broadway Plaza, Suite 3 in Sparta.

Become familiar with the acronyms used and what they stand for, the networks available, prescription drug plans and how the different plans may affect out of pocket expenses.  Learn about the two roads of Medicare and what you need to know when evaluating options:

  • Road one; Original Medicare providing coverage to you directly through Parts A & B
  • Road two: Medicare Advantage coverage offered by private insurance companies that replaces Original Medicare Parts Part A and B; Part D may be included in some plans
  • Updates on Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021. Including information on Plans G and high deductible Plan G

Be informed of how the costs, coverage, and rules may be different from Original Medicare when using Medicare Advantage. Confused?  Navigating the Medicare road can be daunting.  This is an educational meeting only, absolutely nothing for sale.


Keith Leitzen, President of Managed Care Partners, Inc., has presented the ABC’s of Medicare for the past five years at Sparta Community Hospital.  Managed Care Partners has no affiliation with insurance companies, HMOs, or commercial managed care organizations.

Keith will share his thirty-six plus years of experience helping people travel down the Medicare and Medicare Advantage roads. This program will help you make informed decisions to identify and understand the best 2022 offerings available to you during this Annual Enrollment Period starting October 15th and ending December 7th.

Registration is required by noon on Wednesday, November 3rd. Please call Jennifer Barbour, Director of Relations, at 618-443-1467.