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  • Better, earlier detection than 2D mammography
  • Reduces unnecessary callbacks
  • Finds 20-65% more invasive cancers than conventional mammograms

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Managing Your Health, Your Way

Sparta Community Hospital District’s Diagnostic Imaging Department is now offering a Self-Request Mammography Screening Program.

Women who meet the screening criteria may now schedule a mammography screening at Sparta Community Hospital without an order from their provider.

Used as a wellness tool, the goal of our Self-Request Mammography Screening Program is to guard you health and provide you easier access to testing that can detect breast cancer in its carliest form, thus increasing your chance of survival should cancer be detected.

Whether you have a current provider or not, you can call and schedule your mammography screening appointment. The Self-Request Mammography Screening is covered by most insurance plans.
Self-Requesting patients are defined as those patients who come for screening mammography on their own initiative, but are able to name a health care provider (or a health care provider offered by Sparta Community Hospital) who accepts responsibility for that patient’s clinical breast care.

A mammography screening is just one important way to achieve early detection of breast cancer. Equally important, however, are yearly scheduled clinical breast exams performed by your healthcare provider, as well as monthly breast exams that you perform at home.Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Self-Request Mammography Screening Program, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Female 40 years of age or older at the time of screening
  • Asymptomatic (have no current breast complaints)
  • No personal history of breast cancer
  • No breast implants