Occupational health services from a customer’s point of view…

Occupational Health is not an art to be practiced, it is a recognized obligation; a commitment to each company and an obligation to the employees who receive these services. Occupational Health is a service  built upon the needs of those  served; fair price, committed service, competent performance and accurate results. Competition and the desire to exceed industry accepted standards of practice drive performance. For example, we train our providers to understand the difference between recordable injuries and non-recordable injuries and how reporting affects a company’s daily operation. Service to customer is the cornerstone of the SCH occupational health business. The OH health care team understands the role of occupational health in the broad field of health care delivery.  It is an employer-family centered program which understands the importance of employees to a business and the value of job continuity and work attendance; the resulting job continuity which is so vital to you and your business, closely monitored to help you maintain your competitive edge. The approach to Occupational Health is very simple; provide those services which can be delivered with a high standard of service and quality. Coordinating care and treatment with the Emergency Department at the hospital and with local providers is an added benefit. Sparta Community Hospital Occupational Health Services takes pride in knowing that the quality of service provided is higher than that which business and industry is accustomed.

Occupational Health Overview

A service of Sparta Community Hospital, resources are available to employers which provide for the comprehensive coverage of your Occupational Health needs. Whatever your specific need, the Occupational Health Program will work for you to ensure your business becomes a place of health and wellness.

Occupational health services are categorized into six major areas of concentration:

  • Post Offer Evaluations

Physical examinations ranging from DOT physicals to customized post offer exams. Typically, the exams include a drug testing component, which now includes Rapid Response© (Instant) testing. The latest testing modalities in back evaluation (BTE) is employed, or a customized  work simulation program can be designed to meet the specific physical demands in your company. Additional services including Respiratory evaluations and Radiographic exams are also available to you.

  • Post Accident Care & Testing

Accidents often happen when you least expect them. The hospital and Convenient Care Center are open to assist you in responding promptly to any accidents which occur at your company. The hospital’s Emergency Department provides after hours care to Convenient Care OH clients. Trained and Certified BAT technicians provide testing service 24/7. Urine drug and blood alcohol testing services are also available. Task-centered work hardening and simulation assists you in returning your employees to work as quickly as possible.

  • Random Testing

A wide range of testing modalities are available to you, including instant drug testing and sampling. Our drug data management system allows prompt reporting of results and can generate random testing schedules for your employees. MRO services are offered  on all  DOT and non-negative test results.

  • On-Site Work Analysis

Sparta Community Hospital has the unique advantage of employing a qualified and experienced Occupational Therapist. SCH is among the very few hospitals in the Southern Illinois region to utilize the BTE work simulator and data collection system.  At your request, ergonomics studies can be conducted at your work site to help you adapt your work environment to a more job healthy environment, reducing the potential for injuries or short term and long term  disability claims.

  • Employee Education

Employee and family health issues can often impede an employee’s productivity. Issue specific presentations at the work-site can help employees and their families cope with non-work related health problems and solve them before they are brought to the workplace. Prevention classes in MRSA infection control can create a healthy attitude and a safe work environment.

  • On-Site Health Screenings & Wellness

Back Injuries, Type II Diabetes, Cardiopulmonary illness  are the leading causes of  short term disability and rising health care costs to employers. On-site screening, customized to your employee group, can help detect and prevent the onset of these and other diseases. The minimal cost of these screenings can save your employee health plan much greater expense in the direct cost of health care claims, and in the hidden cost of  absenteeism and presenteeism, or the lingering effects of disability.

Here is a list of the most typical SERVICES utilized by our clients:

  • Pre-placement physicals, DOT, executive, hazardous (exposure and respiratory, job specific fit-for-duty testing.
  • Audiometric testing, EKG, laboratory, physical agility, pulmonary function testing, spirometry, radiology and vision.
  • Substance Abuse Testing: BAT (Breath Alcohol) and Certified Training Services, Routine/DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing, Certified collection site, On-site drug collection and screening, MRO services, Certified DHHS Laboratory.
  • Workers Compensation coverage for injuries, 24 hours a day, Treatment of Work related Illnesses and Injuries through North Campus Healthcare Primary Care Services.
  • Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy.
  • Health Promotion/Wellness and Disease Prevention, through On-Site screening and immunization program, adding value to existing wellness services offered to employees. Our staff* is available to come on-site and conduct wellness programs and add value to the services you offer your employees.
*Sparta Community Hospital Occupational Health service employs a dedicated staff professional certified in Occupational Medical services to work directly with our business clients in scheduling and delivering services.

Our Professional Staff

Primary Care Providers: David Chung, MD; OH Medical Services Director – Shawn Beckemeyer, MD

Care Providers – Patricia Hill, APN, FNP-BC, Stephanie Zielinski, Occupational Health Coordinator, Tashia Fox, Danielle Preuss, Destiny Wilson

Convenient Hours

North Campus Healthcare Primary Care Services
Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Closed: Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas

Sparta Community Hospital’s Emergency Room is open 24/7.