Over 8 million people suffer from chronic wounds, but you don’t have to be one of them. Let the experts at Sparta Community Hospital Wound Care Center help you live a happier, healthier, wound-free life!

Our team of physicians, wound care nurses and technicians are extensively trained in advanced wound care techniques. Working closely with referring physicians, each patient is evaluated and a treatment plan is customized to meet each patients individual needs.

What is a Chronic Wound?

Typically, a chronic wound is a wound that fails to show significant healing in two weeks, or fails to heal completely in six weeks, and requires the expertise of a wound care specialist.

Types of Wounds We Treat

  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Venous Stasis Ulcers
  • Infected of Necrotizing Wounds
  • Trauma Wounds
  • Arterial Ulcers
  • Dehisced Surgical Wounds
  • Complex Soft Tissue Wounds
  • Compromised Skin Grafts & Flaps
  • Bone Infection
  • Impaired Skin Integrity
  • Minor Burns

This is only a partial listing of the types of wounds that we treat. To find out if we treat a specific wound type that is not listed here, please call 877-295-2273.

The Treatment Plan

  • Vitamin Therapy & Protein Supplements
  • Vascular Studies and/or Consult
  • Topical Antimicrobials, Oral & IV Antibiotics
  • Offloading/Pressure Relief Devices
  • Advanced Topical Wound Products
  • Debridement
  • Compression Therapy
  • Patient Education

Our wound care treatment plans follow national standards of care & wound care research protocols.

Coordinated Services

  • DME and Wound Care Supplies
  • Specialty Consults/Diagnostic Studies
  • Coordination of Care with Home Health and Nursing Home
  • Patient Updates to Referral Sources
  • Progress Report Every 3 weeks to Referring Physicians

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I get a consultation?

You may call the Center directly or you can be referred by your doctor. To make an appointment directly, call 877-295-2273.

2) What causes chronic wounds?

Chronic and non-healing wounds are caused by a variety of medical conditions and factors including diabetes, poor circulation, trauma, pressure ulcers or bedsores due to immobility and vascular disease.

3) Does insurance cover wound care treatments?

Most health plans cover wound care. Please call us to discuss what your specific plan covers.


The Wound Clinic at Sparta Community Hospital is located behind the hospital within Southwestern Community Health at 211 S. Burns Avenue in Sparta.

Call toll free to schedule an appointment 877-295-2273.

Our Providers

Maxwell Hayden, DPM

David Chung, MD