Care Management enables the patient’s primary care clinician to provide them with better access to comprehensive, coordinated, continuous and proactive evidence based care:

Comprehensive care means the patient’s care team helps to address any health issue between regular office visits.

Coordination of care occurs when the patient and their doctor decide on a combination of services that best serve their needs. These services may include the use of resources in their community and then managed and monitored so they will get the best possible value.

Continuous care occurs when a patient builds a trusting relationship with their personal  doctor and their care team over time.

Accessible care allows a patient access to their physician or other team member through timely office visits and phone calls which eliminates any barriers that can occur when health issues arise.

Proactive care ensures the patient and their doctor will build a detailed care plan to manage conditions, keep them well and help to meet their health care goals.

Evidence based care means that the patient’s care team keeps up to date with the latest medical research and clinical practice guidelines and will work with them to personalize their care to fit their preferences and goals.

Please discuss the Care Management Services with your provider for a referral!