At Sparta Community Hospital, we understand that critical care competency is crucial to a patient’s recovery.  That’s why our Emergency Department is fully staffed by physicians and nurses specializing in emergency medicine.

Emergency care is provided for both adults and children 24/7 by experienced and compassionate professionals.

We welcome visitors to accompany ER patients.  Our staff will always do its best to accommodate visitors, though please be advised that space is limited. Also, we respect the confidentiality of all of our patients; therefore we want to protect the privacy of all of each patient.

It is our policy that the Emergency Department staff does not discuss payment or insurance coverage.  That is handled upon the patient’s admission to the ER.

Sparta Community Hospital is recognized by the Illinois Department of Public Health as an Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital (ESRH).

That means Sparta Community Hospital meets certain standards for treatment of stroke in our Emergency Department and our Hospital.

What are those standards?

1. Written emergent stroke care policies, including transfer criteria.

2. Written transfer agreement with at least one hospital with neurosurgical expertise.

3. Director of stroke care to oversee hospital stroke policies and procedures.

4. Administration of thrombolytic therapy (e.g. tPA).

5. Ability to conduct brain image tests (e.g. CT scan) at all times.

6. Ability to conduct blood coagulation studies at all times.

7. Maintenance of a stroke patient log, available for review by IDPH or any hospital with a written transfer agreement. More importantly, in coming years all ESRHÕs must demonstrate their timeliness in treating and administering care to stroke patients. “

Having the Emergent Stroke Ready designation spotlights Sparta as a center of excellence in the treatment of stroke patients according to the guidelines set forth by the American Heart/Stroke Association and Brain Attack Coalition.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the SCH Emergency Department at 618-443-2177.