Patient Portal

For questions or more information please contact our Health Information Management Department (HIM) at 618-443-2177, ext. 3336.

On 5/3/22 Sparta Community Hospital and Quality Health Care Clinics launched a new Patient Portal called MyCareCorner. The new portal combines all your health information in to one central location. In addition to the information provided below, make sure to scroll all the way down to review the Patient Guides we have provided.

If you had existing portal logins on the hospital and/or clinic portal and want to set up your new portal account, log in to with just one of your previous logins. You will be redirected to the new portal page Follow the instructions to set up your new MyCareCorner account.

If you did not have a previous portal account, provide your email address at your next visit anywhere you receive services, and we will send you an invitation.

If you would like an invitation prior to your next visit, contact the Health Information Department at 618-443-2177 x3336 and they will send you an invitation.

This is a new process for all of us so we THANK YOU in advance for your patience!


Q:  I don’t have an email address. Can I still sign up for the new portal?

A: Yes, we can provide you with a printed invitation. However, the new portal does require an email address as your username. If you do not have an email, we ask that you set up your username in the following format to create a dummy/invalid email address for registration/login purposes: firstname middleinitial lastname date of birth or unique number@sch.mcc.     

Example:  MickeyMMouse22@sch.mcc

Please be aware that the forgot password feature will not work if the email address is invalid.

Q:  I don’t see all my medical information after I log in to MyCareCorner the first time.

A:  As long as you see some information has loaded such as some vital signs, it could take up to 24 hours for all the information to load. If after 24 hours you still do not see information in Encounters or Labs, contact the Health Information Department at the number above.

Q:  When I go to create a new message to my provider there are names in the To: field that I am not familiar with.

A:  At this time, the drop down lists all providers that ever cared for you in either the hospital or clinic setting.  Some of these providers are no longer practicing with us. Please only send a message to the provider in the clinic that you see on a regular basis. Messages sent to emergency room physicians, hospitalists or physician no longer practicing at Sparta Community Hospital will not be answered. We are working to correct this inconvenience.

Q:  I received a statement in the mail and I want to pay the balance through my portal but the Payment Center states Not available at this time. Does that mean I don’t really owe anything?

A:  No. Although your health information is now combined in one portal profile, the bill pay feature is still separated between hospital services and clinic services. We may need to trigger you another invite and have you link it to your current MyCareCorner account. During regular business hours, please contact the Health Information Department at the number above and we can assist you.

If it is after regular business hours, go to the Pay Your Bill page where you can pay your bill as long as you have the statement you received in the mail.

Q:  Can my child have a portal account now?

A:  At this time we still do not allow minors to have a portal account, but we are working towards this goal. When it is ready we will update this portal page and have information available at the sites you receive care.

Q:  Is there an app for the new portal?

A:  Yes, download the MyCareCorner app from your App Store and log in with your MyCareCorner username and password.