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Shawn Beckemeyer, MD

Primary Care/Family PracticeEmployed Provider
Address Coulterville Medical Clinic 203 E. Grant Street Coulterville IL 62237 Phone: 618-443-1DOC (1362) Phone: 618-758-2331
Photo of Shawn Beckemeyer MD


Photo of Shawn Beckemeyer MD

Primary Practice Specialty: Family Medicine
Medical School: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Residency: Anderson Area Medical Center

Dr. Beckemeyer is a Family Practice Provider and has been affiliated with Sparta Community Hospital/Coulterville Medical Clinic since 1999. She completed her medical training at Anderson Area Medical Center, Anderson S.C. after completing her Medical Degree at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine at Springfield. Dr. Beckemeyer enjoys Pediatric and Adult medicine.

**PLEASE NOTE: The Medical Staff at Sparta Community Hospital includes employed and non-employed independent physicians. Physicians on staff at this hospital, including but not limited to, emergency room physicians, pathologists, radiologists, and other specialty and consulting physicians are not employees or agent of the hospital. Such physicians are independent contractors who have been granted privileges at this facility for the care and treatment of their patients. These physicians exercise their own independent medical judgment and they are not subject to the supervision or control of the hospital with respect to patient treatment.